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Morris Taub: Recent &emdash;
This related to music, something I grew up with in the 60’s. But when a musician was listening to something new he wanted to know if the artist ‘had something to say’.

So, I ask myself this question about my photographic work. Do I have something to say? What are all these photos for? And, do I need for them to have some purpose?

Morris Taub: Recent &emdash; 131012_cafelat.bwspoon_0355
I embrace my doubt. A confident man is a dead human being.

I like to think of doubt as interior weather. Storms, rain come to wash things away, to cleanse. Sun warms, comforts. There is wind. There is depression. 

There is a sense of ‘no goals’. It is something I’ve often felt. In the end, for me, goals are like morals. Ideas handed down over the generations. Values we ‘should’ have. Things repeated so often they seem like truth. We hardly question them. But I do.

Some need order. A line of thought. They like to see series work. They like to see order in work. They want a hook. I understand the business relevance. But as I work there is no order, no series, no hook. Life is messy and hard. It’s just plain messy and a big unintelligible collage of a million things going on. The neat ‘solution’ is a human invention, like a goal.

But I do find creating a project for myself an easier way to gather similar images together. Sometimes the project is created before I start shooting and then I fill a folder with images. I make a collection. Sometimes, while going through my images, I see a pattern I had not even thought of and I put them together. They then form a ‘series’.

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