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Morris Taub: Recent &emdash; 141007_wallpipeplant_007741

Morris Taub: Recent &emdash; 141007_bathtub_007693

Morris Taub: Recent &emdash; 141014_work.greendoor_007967
Since he died I’ve been feeling scattered. Attempts at trying to focus, to put my work into a collection, into some order have been failing. And even though I was working on black & white work before the summer, I’ve decided to fight that dark side of me and play with color. Therapy? Maybe. I’ve always loved rich color in my paintings, pastels. So there is color for now.

Life today. That’s what I’m taking pictures of. If I walk past something and it draws attention I take a photograph. I’m not thinking about subject matter too much these days. I’m interested in just about everything. I do pay attention to the frame, composition, but even that is taking a back seat to just being out there and working. It’s all going by so fast, I’m just happy to be there, bear witness.

Sometimes just working is hard enough. Sometimes just getting out of the house is work. So I’m out there and working. Despite the loss, the void, that emptiness that isn’t ever going to go away, I get up and shower, dress, eat, head out the door. Camera in hand.

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