Elegy to the French Republic 6

Morris Taub: Elegy to the French Republic &emdash; 130508_elegy6_2191zfStuck here in the gray areas. Days float by, roll by, sneak by and then it’s tomorrow. I keep reading, hearing all these words, ideas to express our emotions, our problems, our solutions. Tomorrow comes and it’s all the same. Again. It’s been such a long time since then. When we first met. Is there anybody we can see? It’s me and you but we aren’t the same. Time has a way of doing that. And then it’s now. And then I wonder where it all went. Let it go. Move on. But I’m not really moving. I apologize for the confusion. But clarity is one of those words that don’t mean much these days. The world is burning behind us. I wait for tomorrow for ‘things’ to get better, but they never do. I’ve stopped waiting.

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