Pool at Night

Morris Taub: Recent &emdash; 151026_poolone.11.15_016405

Morris Taub: Recent &emdash; 151102_pooltwo.11.15_016554
Miami Beach, Florida October 2015. It has become the norm. Going down to Miami to help my aging mother. It’s about every four to five months now a visit for several weeks. After dinner I go down to the restaurant and have a glass of malbec. Then I sit on a lounge chair beside the pool. Often I take photos. Some intentionally blurred. Some not. It feels good to be out there in the warm air under the night sky. I remember my father used to swim in that pool years ago. My mother too. I fall asleep looking up at the sky, the stars, the clouds, the dark. Falling asleep there feels good. I take my photos. Sometimes just one or two, sometimes twenty or more. Some nights I just go out there and don’t take any photos. It is good to be there for a short time. Images in my head about the past. Imagining the future. Enjoying that present. I head upstairs and go to sleep.

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