Drunken Boat : Color No. 1


These done at the bar inside Lola, a Restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida. All these shot through a glass of water filled with ice. It was a time of great stress because of family health problems. These distracted me a bit from the day to day, at least for a few minutes, and were therefore invaluable. A form of photo therapy.

Preferred to eat at the bar when alone. Sometimes salmon. Sometimes pasta. Sweet potato fries. Steamed veggies. And usually a glass of Malbec from Argentina. The food and wine always good at Lola. Comfort food.

I started seeing these possible images through the water and ice slowly. Even after shooting them with my phone and then the little Ricoh GR I didn’t know if I could do anything with them. But the cold glass of water with ice was always there. So I shot and shot. They remind me now of all those nights in Miami. Usually alone. I was lucky. The staff at Lola was very friendly.

Things started to go south after father died in July 2014. We discovered mother had memory problems. It became worse as the months went by. She was living alone. Insisting on independence.

We honored that until we saw her no longer able to take care of herself. Not drinking enough water. Not eating. The reflex she had to go food shopping stopped. Refusing help in the house. No longer in control of her medications. An independent geriatric care worker came to the house to speak to mother. See what was going on. She confirmed what we suspected. Dementia. Pretty bad. So. We moved her to assisted living.

My ‘drunken boat’ series as I soothed the end of most days here with excellent food and wine. Thanks to the great team at Lola. Christian, Katerina, Philippe, Guillermina, Gonzalo, Rocio, etc…

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