05.12.2013 Miami Beach, Florida

Morris Taub: Collection Two &emdash; 131205_poolladder.half_sm.6678 This was taken on the last visit when things, my parents health, was still ok. They were having their problems, but seemed to be managing the day to day. This was 7 months before my dad passed away. Around 2 July mother called about dad being in hospital. His doctor worked on him through the night. Told me my father had several cardiac arrests. Told me he’s a strong guy. He was surprised he survived. After 3 weeks in intensive care he passed away. Beginning of March 2014 mother had by-pass surgery. She was never the same after that. Hardly knew where she was. Living in fear. Living scared. Dementia. They are both gone now. Things have changed.

11.11.2020 : I see I posted this photo a few years ago. I will leave it. Human error. And here I’ve added some text/context. So it stays.

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