Bio : Two

At the ripe old age of five Morris was already creating an impact on society. Carried in on his dad’s arm, he saw his first loaf of pumpernickel bread on a bakers counter. “Dirty bread, dirty bread,” he screamed and all the customers fled from the store. Well, actually, they just laughed according to his dad.

In sixth grade he started drawing comic books with his friends in class. Of course his teachers thought this a waste of time. They didn’t see the comics were a social commentary and critique of conditions in the school.

The drawing continued as he got older. His high school notebooks were covered in drawings. He began writing songs and poetry during this period as well. He thought it would help him pick up girls. It didn’t work.

In college, majoring in graphic design was an easy decision for Morris. The promise was one of jeans and t-shirts at work and not suits and ties. The deal was done.

He started working on Wall Street charting graphs for a commodities company. He left that position to do silk-screening for a company that manufactured signs. A torrid love affair while silk-screening saw him quietly leave that job.

He landed a job at Photolettering, Inc. working the graveyard shift. He learned proper letter spacing, how to do mechanicals, draw with a ruling pen and shoot high quality photostats. He worked with Ed Benguiat and Ed’s big moustache one night on a project that Ed couldn’t finish. That, Morris says, was exciting.

Years passed. He got his first job in publishing doing mechanicals & comps for mass market book covers at Ballantine Books.

Work for several different publishers followed. There were a few, ok two hot love affairs. He met lots of really talented people who showed him all sorts of different things about work and life. He loved design and art directing but it wasn’t enough. He needed to see the world.

So, in 1996, he moved with his wife to Paris, France. This has been a thrill on every level of experience, and you can get great red wine dirt cheap. Life is good.

Morris is drawing, taking photographs, painting, writing, reading and designing in his Montpellier studio.

-Detailed by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

There are many people to thank. You know who you are. You’re with me every day. And forgive me to those of you whom I’ve offended.

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