Drunken Boat : Color No. 1

These done at the bar inside Lola, a Restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida. All these shot through a glass of water filled with ice. It was a time of great stress because of family health problems. These distracted me a bit from the day to day, at least for a few minutes, and were therefore invaluable. A form of photo therapy. Preferred to eat…

Elegy to the French Republic 6

Stuck here in the gray areas. Days float by, roll by, sneak by and then it’s tomorrow. I keep reading, hearing all these words, ideas to express our emotions, our problems, our solutions. Tomorrow comes and it’s all the same. Again. It’s been such a long time since then. When we first met. Is there anybody we can see? It’s me and you but…


Life. Vibration. It’s all vibration. Change. Movement. A photograph is an image of time. A slice of time. Movement come and gone. A man or woman walking down the street in front of me. Someone I’ve never met. I don’t know their names. But I know the movement. The change happening with light and shadow. What is it that I’m taking pictures of? Are…

Elegy to the French Republic #4

Detailing the light and dark, the greens and browns, of a garden in a square in the old center of Montpellier.

Elegy to the French Republic #1

This is the intended final image as it will appear as a print. B&W. Deep, rich blacks. High contrast. Evoking a feel, rather than being figurative. But I’m not avoiding figurative representation. This will develop on an image by image basis. Some might straddle that fine line between being abstract and figurative. Actually, all the images will start as and be based on figurative…

Elegy to the French Republic #1.

The beginning. A test in color. The series will be black and white. At least that’s the plan. All the final images will be b&w. They will all be abstract or nearly so.

Abstract Window

White washed windows, quickly painted to hide work within. A train station window in Montpellier, France. Abstract art for the taking. Human scribble, brush stroke, hazard.