Late 2017, Miami Beach, Florida

I think the photo within this photo was taken in November or December of 2017, Miami Beach Florida.

Miami Beach, Florida : 20 February 2016

This was the back of the building my parents lived in for about 25 Years. It faces the ocean and the sand and the people strolling the beach each day and swimming and sitting in the sun tanning. Mother and father gone now. Apartment sold to aid with mother’s care. She suffered from dementia. I hope she is at peace now. She was living…

Miami Beach, Florida

1 October 2016. Miami Beach just off Collins Avenue at 55th Street. This is just behind the building where my parents lived for about 25 years. They are both gone now. So is this part of my family’s life.

Ella and Sam 15.04.2008

My father and his sister, both gone now. Sam on 25 July 2014. Ella on 6 January 2019.


Montpellier, France

Waiting for a Train

Gare St. Roch, Montpellier France

Flowers Dead

Chez Chantal

Train Station

Gare St. Roch in the center of Montpellier, France. This is a waiting area in the station, but also where people come and go via escalator to get to upstairs to buy tickets and find their way. Descends to street level too. And there are shops on both levels. A busy area where the scene changes quickly. A favorite place of mine to shoot.