7 June 2015, Miami Beach, Florida

Mother was fading in Miami.

21 February 2016 Yoga Miami Beach Florida

A few days into this visit it became clear. Mother could no longer live on her own. The dementia was bad. She hardly knew where she was. 11 April 2016 my sister and I moved her into assisted living. It was a stressful time. But we did what we thought best for her.

Miami Beach, Florida 15 June 2015

Mother sinking fast into dementia. Sister and I taking care of the bank, lawyer, bills, apartment, and lastly, in April of 2016 moving mother to assisted living.

Winter Trees : France

Shot from a moving train, the TGV up to Paris. Just spent the day there to meet a friend and returned home the same night. It’s rare for me to do so much travel in a day, near seven hours, but didn’t want to miss my friends passage through France.

Trees : Dark

Thoughts with my father today. He would have been 87. I don’t consider myself a landscape photographer. There are so many making beautiful landscape photos. I’m not one of them. But I walk through the woods when I have the chance and am always enthralled by nature. So this day, walking through the winter woods, I imagined the images in black and white. Dark….

Elegy to the French Republic 6

Stuck here in the gray areas. Days float by, roll by, sneak by and then it’s tomorrow. I keep reading, hearing all these words, ideas to express our emotions, our problems, our solutions. Tomorrow comes and it’s all the same. Again. It’s been such a long time since then. When we first met. Is there anybody we can see? It’s me and you but…

Elegy to the French Republic #1.

The beginning. A test in color. The series will be black and white. At least that’s the plan. All the final images will be b&w. They will all be abstract or nearly so.

Dark Landscape

Night coming on. Heavy rain. A prelude to Spring. Sometimes I have to stop. Look. I go through this a few times each year. Examine where I am. It starts with this feeling of stasis. I get uncomfortable with what I’m doing. Get a sense of inertia. It starts slowly, in the distance and then becomes obvious, clear. Periods of doubt, questioning my work,…