11 September 2020 : waiting

Waiting on the domain for this new site to become active. Dot com. Imported all the posts and images from my old site. Here, there will be a lot less work for me. Less upkeep for the site. I’ll just be shooting photos and posting and maybe small, easy changes to the design when i want. Life is short. Too short to be wasting…


It’s been a while. 4 months. Eventful months. Difficult months. Uncle died. Mother died. Resurfacing. Seeing what I can do off of robot mode. Hard to get back into the swing of the day to day. Hard to stay focused on work, projects, ideas. Harder now to care and easier at the same time. Loss has this effect on me. I know what I…


Montpellier, France

Waiting for a Train

Gare St. Roch, Montpellier France

Train Station

Gare St. Roch in the center of Montpellier, France. This is a waiting area in the station, but also where people come and go via escalator to get to upstairs to buy tickets and find their way. Descends to street level too. And there are shops on both levels. A busy area where the scene changes quickly. A favorite place of mine to shoot.


Looking inward. Questions. There’s a mountain of them. Work. Love. Where are we headed? It’s all darkness now. The united states aren’t united anymore. A form of madness is spreading. Up is down, black is white. Europe seems to be spinning. People looking for answers in the sewers of racism, protectionism, nationalism, almost any ‘ism’ will do. Seems people just want to be brutalised,…


Glass tables. Leather topped stools. All fixed with screws into the cement at the Gare St. Roch in Montpellier, France. This ‘stage’ has become a favorite of mine as I pass through the train station often. People wait here for trains, friends, and to just plain rest. You can eat here to recharge yourself, recharge your phones, computers, tablets. It’s a scene that changes…

Workshop : Metal

Metal workshop in Montpellier, France. June 2016.

Public Bench

Montpellier, France 2016.

Coming. Going.

Polygone, a mall, in Montpellier, France.