05.12.2013 Miami Beach, Florida

This was taken on the last visit when things, my parents health, was still ok. They were having their problems, but seemed to be managing the day to day. This was 7 months before my dad passed away. Around 2 July mother called about dad being in hospital. His doctor worked on him through the night. Told me my father had several cardiac arrests….

05.12.2013 : Night Swim

After a good dinner, and a glass of malbec, I’d sit by the pool and take some photos. Some nights I just sat there, star gazing while the warm humid night air enveloped me like a blanket during the warmer months. From around November to March it was nice and cool, almost cold some nights so I’d need a light jacket or vest. Most…

Night Swim : 21 March 2016

I was always tempted to join these people swimming in the pool late at night. A lot of my night shots were after 9pm. But I more often wanted to watch. Take photos. I saved my swims for early morning. Break of day stuff. 6:30am. An hour. Then sitting in the sun for a bit to dry off.

Morning Rituals : 21 February 2016

Heading down to the pool each morning around 6:30am became the way to start my day. It helped to relieve the stress of dealing with mother. Being around her dementia. Sundowning. Anger. Confusion. Mother, living a reality that was all her own. It was this trip that made it clear to me. She could no longer live on her own. We would have to…

Morning Swim : Miami Beach, Florida

One of two older men I met each morning at the pool. They lived in the building. Lived in Florida for the winter months. I was there taking care of mother, the apartment, paperwork, doctors, bills, food in the house. The early morning swims helped with the stress of the day to day while I was there. It helped keep me fit. It was…

Miami Beach Pool Story

One of the last photos I took of the pool behind the building my parents used to live in. Since the summer of 2014 I’ve taken photos of the pool every time I was there. Mostly night shots. Some daytime. But I liked the way it was lit and the reflections and the feel of the night photos. It was good to sit on…

Pool at Night

Miami Beach, Florida October 2015. It has become the norm. Going down to Miami to help my aging mother. It’s about every four to five months now a visit for several weeks. After dinner I go down to the restaurant and have a glass of malbec. Then I sit on a lounge chair beside the pool. Often I take photos. Some intentionally blurred. Some…

Pool At Night :: 2015

From a June 2015 trip to Miami Beach.

Piscine 4 Miami Beach

Miami Beach, 30 November 2013.


Miami Beach, Florida. Summer 2014.

Night Swim

Miami Beach, Florida, 2014.

Piscine 2

Pool side, one night, relaxing after dinner. Miami Beach, Florida 2013.


Back from two weeks of fun and sun in Miami Beach, Florida. While I was down there I shot a bunch of images of pools mostly at night. Most were taken late, after a good glass of wine, so some blurring was naturally transmitted to the work.