05.12.2013 : Night Swim

After a good dinner, and a glass of malbec, I’d sit by the pool and take some photos. Some nights I just sat there, star gazing while the warm humid night air enveloped me like a blanket during the warmer months. From around November to March it was nice and cool, almost cold some nights so I’d need a light jacket or vest. Most…

Morning Swim : Miami Beach, Florida

One of two older men I met each morning at the pool. They lived in the building. Lived in Florida for the winter months. I was there taking care of mother, the apartment, paperwork, doctors, bills, food in the house. The early morning swims helped with the stress of the day to day while I was there. It helped keep me fit. It was…


Miami Beach, Florida. Summer 2014.


Back from two weeks of fun and sun in Miami Beach, Florida. While I was down there I shot a bunch of images of pools mostly at night. Most were taken late, after a good glass of wine, so some blurring was naturally transmitted to the work.