7 June 2015, Miami Beach, Florida

Mother was fading in Miami.

Miami Beach, Florida 15 June 2015

Mother sinking fast into dementia. Sister and I taking care of the bank, lawyer, bills, apartment, and lastly, in April of 2016 moving mother to assisted living.

Winter Trees : France

Shot from a moving train, the TGV up to Paris. Just spent the day there to meet a friend and returned home the same night. It’s rare for me to do so much travel in a day, near seven hours, but didn’t want to miss my friends passage through France.

Trees : Dark

Thoughts with my father today. He would have been 87. I don’t consider myself a landscape photographer. There are so many making beautiful landscape photos. I’m not one of them. But I walk through the woods when I have the chance and am always enthralled by nature. So this day, walking through the winter woods, I imagined the images in black and white. Dark….