Miami Beach, Florida 29.10.11

Dad’s View / Miami Beach, Florida 16 February 2016


Metal Lounges : Miami Beach, 20 February 2016


Miami Beach, Florida

1 October 2016. Miami Beach just off Collins Avenue at 55th Street. This is just behind the building where my parents lived for about 25 years. They are both gone now. So is this part of my family’s life.

01.08.2014 night, Miami Beach, Florida


Ella and Sam 15.04.2008

080415_ella.sam_0049 My father and his sister, both gone now. Sam on 25 July 2014. Ella on 6 January 2019.

09.09.2016 Yoga Miami Beach, Florida 6:20am


Contemplation – Life and Death on Miami Beach

Father died on 25 July 2014 at 11:30pm. It was a warm, balmy night in Miami Beach, Florida. He had been in hospital for about 3 weeks. Brought in, revived en route after two, maybe three cardiac arrests that first night. It was early July. It was 2 July when mother called to tell me father was taken to hospital. I arrived in Miami Beach on 8 July.

He was in the icu for most of the three weeks. He was conscious some of the time. Lucid. Joking with us. But he was also intubated the whole time. They tried twice to remove the breathing machine but he needed it to live. The last two days he spent in hospice until he passed away.

The doctors, the nurses, they were all great. Helpful. Kind. And they kept him free of pain.

It was about a year and 8 months before I could go down to the beach in my bare feet and enjoy the feel of the ocean caress my toes. I was grieving.

19.04.2008 Bill and Lisa Dancing

Bill passed 3 October 2018. Too young, too full of life. Some things just aren’t right. This is one of them. He was a good man. Family, friends, we will all miss him. This photo was taken 19 April 2008.


It’s been a while. 4 months. Eventful months. Difficult months. Uncle died. Mother died.

Resurfacing. Seeing what I can do off of robot mode. Hard to get back into the swing of the day to day. Hard to stay focused on work, projects, ideas. Harder now to care and easier at the same time. Loss has this effect on me. I know what I had and lost. Priorities straight. Give thanks.

Still-life in Restaurant

Table top in a restaurant shot while waiting for food to be served. It’s a really good vegan, vegetarian restaurant in Montpellier, France. Lots of joy to be found there. Yummy dishes, fresh fruit drinks, tea, carrot cake, and more.

Blur : Day to Day


Winter Trees : France

Shot from a moving train, the TGV up to Paris. Just spent the day there to meet a friend and returned home the same night. It’s rare for me to do so much travel in a day, near seven hours, but didn’t want to miss my friends passage through France.

Miami Beach, Florida : Winter December 2017


Night Life at the Train Station : Gare St. Roch

161229_station.bw_ Montpellier, France