11 September 2020 : waiting

Waiting on the domain for this new site to become active. Dot com. Imported all the posts and images from my old site. Here, there will be a lot less work for me. Less upkeep for the site. I’ll just be shooting photos and posting and maybe small, easy changes to the design when i want. Life is short. Too short to be wasting my time on tedious stuff in this sixth decade for me on sweet planet earth.

Photography is Work : Part Two

Morris Taub: Coffee Rituals &emdash; 100812_writing.6627_
Working while having coffee at her favorite cafe.

I’m not a landscape, fashion, or product photographer. Sometimes I think I’m not a photographer at all, but we all seem to like labels.

Quotidian. The Mundane. The everyday. Street. Things we use daily. That’s what I ‘click’ at. More historical interest than photographic. More personal than a style or following some trend, though I’m sure there’s a style or look to the work I do.

American Suburb X

I appreciate the photographers and interviews at American Suburb X. There are so many styles and fads in photography. Many photographers are just derivative in nature. I know we all have our influences, and then there are those who just copy. They don’t even make an attempt at showing us their own work. But photography is hard work, and finding our own voice, our own way, well it isn’t easy.

The photography forums are just loaded with debate about dynamic range, sensor size, digital noise, camera size, and various other avenues that pertain to the tools we use to take pictures. I suspect there’s little to no presence of working photographers on most of these internet forums. I assume they are out there working.

It’s way easier to argue about gear than it is to talk intelligently about photography. And most times trying to find words that explain images is a losing battle.