11.05.13 Time is different today. The air is cool and strange. My coffee and croissant have little taste. They serve as distraction as does being here at the cafe, writing. Sleep is one or two hours at a time. Woke before the alarm. Got the day started fast. It was his last hours. You could feel it. And then. Maurice is no longer with us.

25.07.14. Changes. Time is different. Again. Dad is gone. Numb. Trying to ‘get it’. Sam is no longer with us. Bonjour tristesse. Good morning sadness.

23.06.18 Time can be a painful thing. More change. My uncle Herman is gone. This is hard. I miss him every day. We talked a lot. Went to Lenny’s for pizza. Lucky to see him often during the last 4 years of his life. We became close again.

06.01.19 Tante is gone now too. Ella was taken years ago by Alzheimer’s. Today her body was taken. I loved her. She was a second mother to me. Ella and Herman. I can’t believe it.

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